Gut Health

Modern lifestyles have created havoc on our digestive system. But we have found an effective way to elevate the side effects of this issue.


Over 2000 years ago ancient civilisations knew the importance of gut health and its impact on our entire body.

The introduction of refined sugars, carbonated drinks, artificial, processed foods and chemicals have created an issue over the last 100 years. What we have found is removing as many as these as possible and replacing the nutrients we are missing in our daily intake will affectively help to combat this issue.

When we keep our eating habits simple, like our grandparents used, not only do we save money, time and effort, we also successfully start to shed those unwanted kilos as our metabolism can just go about its job.

You find you feel better in general with good gut health – better mood, more energy, a healthy weight and no feelings of fatigue. These are all more pronounced when your gut is healthier.

One of the concerning factors common with overweight people is that they are malnourished. Although we tend to associate malnourishment with skinniness, some of the most overweight people are struggling with this because of the food they are eating and toxins that are building up in their bodies.

Unfortunately, your gut does not like processed, fatty, sugary foods even if you do. Eliminating the intake of junk foods such as soft drinks, lollies, biscuits, chips, burgers, Pizza, deli meats (processed meats), etc….will reward you. This is where “Phatt Away” comes in to help you feel amazing again and get the best out of your body and enable you to lead the life you want to lead.
 A processed food is one that has been altered from its natural state to make it cheaper, more convenient, more attractive or to extend its shelf life (or all four).

There are thousands of chemicals found I foods we buy off the shelves. Processed foods are highly possible to contain hydrogenated fats, preservatives, starches, sugars, salt, artificial flavouring and colour, bulking agent, emulsifiers, etc… Scary isn’t it!!


With our help at Phattaway, we will get you off the sugar rollercoaster and on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Examples of the worst processed foods:

Tinned Foods
White Bread, Pasta and Rice
Processed Meats
Breakfast Cereals
Frozen Ready Meals
Frozen Chips, Wedges, etc
Packets of dried Pasta
Packaged Cakes, Biscuits, Muffins
Chocolate, sweets and chips
Many take away food


At Phattaway we want to change your whole mindset on what you eat, and teach you while you are on the program how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The just some of the benefits of eating properly:

  • Your stress levels will reduce
  • You’ll look and feel less bloated
  • You will feel fuller quicker
  • You won’t feel uncomfortably full
  • Your energy levels will increase
  • You will sleep better

Let us help you to find “The Better Way”

“When we know better, we do better for the benefit of our families”